Remember how curious and enthusiastic you could be when you were five years old?

That’s the Harry in your mind. As a kid, Harry ate too much play dough. Ever since, he’s been developing fun ideas and useful stuff.


Today, he calls his work innovation.

We do projects and follow our passion.

We explore visions and develop ideas that matter. And we want to share this and empower people – without forgetting to have fun.

  • Innovative concepts Create new solutions as well as improve the resolution and execution of specific challenges and products.
  • Innovation Consulting Support our clients in creatively developing their products and centering them around the needs of their users.
  • Play and exploration  All-over-the-place projects that grab our hearts to shape the surroundings we care about.
  • Method training Design Thinking workshops to adopt the mindset of human-centered solutions, rapid prototyping and early testing.
  • Process facilitation  Support and stimulate group processes through the facilitation of methods and structuring tools.

We are a team with multidisciplinary backgrounds.

We are trained in human-centered innovation at HPI School of Design Thinking. When we are triggered by an interesting challenge, we set up a team to tackle it with passion, curiosity and innovative tools.

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We have worked with and for a wide range of companies and institutions:

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